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PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2005 11:59 pm 

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Fsbuild 2.2 , Release Notes:

For those not familiar with the features of the full Fsbuild 2 release, see the Fsbuild2 features page at http://fsbuild.com/features/fsb2_features.htm

- Note: The included FsbDisplay.cfg file contains the settings to display the added DEP/ARR page. If you have a customized display.cfg file you may want to exclude this file and insert the settings for the DEP/ARR window manually.

ADDITIONS: (Since the 2.1 release)

- Activesky2004 Winds Aloft support.
- Export to Squawkbox3 pilot client
- Export to FSInn pilot client
- Export to FPI ATOC pilot client
- Export to FlightSim Commander
- Export to FSAcars
- Export to IVAP Pilot client;
- Export to Flight1 ATR72-500
- Export to Lago MD80
- Export to LDS 767
- Gatekeeper support.
- Navlog changes (Elevation added, Dep/Dest runways)
- ETA option for the Navlog (use the Dep/Arr page to set the departure time).
- DEP/ARR section (adjusting Fuel Dep/Arr bias, and setting departure time).
- Internal Psuedo Waypoints for more accurate climb and en-route fuel burn calculations.


- Option to set RVSM altitudes on startup/default.
- Magnetic Model/variation update (WMM years 2005 - 2010)
- Autogen now first searches user saved flight plans first before searching other categories for stored routes.
- Width of Aircraft pulldown menu expanded to show more details on Aircraft page.
- X-Plane7, added verification in XPlane database for Navaid prior to exporting.
- Modified climb avg rtewinds to be 66% of avg en-route rte winds (previously was 50%)
- MaxCruise Aircraft.cfg option now applies to aircraft with .prf files.
- 'LEFTPANEWIDTH=' parameter added to fsbuild2.cfg file to set positionof left pane on startup.


- ApproachFuel param not converted from KGS to LBS (Fixed).
- When aircraft switched from KGS to LBS, the fuel box if originally empty converted to zero affecting results. (this is now blank instead)
- Not exporting mini-plan to FS/Aircraft folder when multiple aircraft have kneeboard setting in fsb_aircraft.cfg file.
- X-Plane7, fms lat/lon values slightly off from naming convention (Fixed).
- Some routes heading 099 dislayed as '99' (Fixed)
- Flight Plan jumping from FL370 to FL410 in step climb when rvsm option was selected (Fixed).
- FS2002 Kneeboard export not working with aircraft sub folders with spaces in them (Fixed).
- Cruise TAS value not changing after TOC point in step climb (Fixed).
- Hold Burn ff/min setting on Aircraft page not being used (Fixed).
- TaxiFuel not correct when .cfg wt is in Kgs and ff/min option used (Fixed).
- KLAX GMN3.AVE.ROBIE2 KSJC different route result when TOC/TOD selected (Fixed).
- EKCH-SBGL autogen route 2.1 program lock up and freezes (fixed).
- Sometimes not using FL notation for correct transition altitude (Fixed).
- Wrong cruise alt selected on some step climb FP's (result of first cruise fuel column in .prf file equaling '---') (Fixed)
- Import Navlog function not working (Fixed).
- Wildcard autogen problems.
- EPKK * ARDAG.ARDAG1 EPWA (causes infnite autogen loop) (Fixed)
- KJFK * FUZ * KBUR (autogen creates zig zagging route back east then again west) (Fixed)
- KLAX * DAG * OBK * KJFK (autogenator seems to always go direct DAG OBK) (Fixed)
- KTTD..BLUE3..BTG.J1.OED..KMFR (Does not change to KTTD on Airport box on paste of flight plan) (Fixed)


- Navlog changes.

- The Departure and destination runways are included in the header (ex: KLAX-25R/KABQ-8)
- The Destination airport elevation is on line 5 under the TOGWT info.
- The ETA (if the option is selected) is displayed in the ETA column for each waypoint.

DEP/ARR Page / Bias.
The DEP/ARR tab is added to the 'Route' folder in Fsbuild.

Adjusting the departure and arrival performance based on addtional time spent in the departure
and arrival area for specified airport.

In the DEP/ARR page if you enter '10' in the Departure Time box. That translates to an additional 10 minutes
for the departure circuit. That 10 mins will then be calculated to additional mileage, and fuel burn based on the
aircraft's departure TAS, winds etc.


If the Aircraft's departure/climb speed is 326 kts, the 10 mins dbias with no winds will result in an extra
54 nm added to the route with the fuel burn adjusted accordingly.

If the 'ApproachFuel=' parameter in the fsb_aircraft.cfg file is used, that value becomes the
arrival fuel bias with no effect on time or distance.

This option can be made the default for an airport by editing the DepTaxiTimes.txt files
and using columns 2 and 3 for the departure and arrival circuit times.


;Airport Taxi-Out Times
; Taxi Dep Arr
;Apt Time Circt Circt
; (mins)
EGLL 20 10 8
EDDV 15 9 7

The results will display on the Navlog as follows

'DEP BIAS 10 min 54 dist 999 fuel, ARR BIAS 0 min 100 fuel'
- Gatekeeper support.


Gatekeeper is a freeware program, that will allow you see the available gate/parking positions in MSFS, and
select them from a menu. You can update an exported .pln file from Fsbuild with the selected gate position.
Also you can save the gate position for Fsbuild to use with that departure airports in future Flight plan

- Export to Lago MD80:

During our evaluation it seemed the MD80 FMC did not accept flight Plan waypoints not in its database
or who's lat/lon value did not match exactly what was in the database. Because of this Fsbuild-2 first
checks the database to see if the waypoint/navaid is in the database and uses the lat/lon values from
the database before exporting. If the waypuint/navaid is not found it is skipped not exported. This thus
will be a limitation in exporting user defined waypoints etc in your flight plans.

The additional required database search will mean an extra few seconds delay in exporting the plan.

The database used is in the same folder as the 767PIC database is/was '...FS9/fmcwp/navdata'.

- 'LEFTPANEWIDTH=' parameter:

Allows setting the position of the center dividing bar between the folder items and the
right pane where the tabs are on startup. The default value is '120'. Setting the value to
'0' removes the left folders from view on startup. You can also drag the bar into position after

This should be inserted into the '[Fsbuild]' section of the .cfg file.


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