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Inserting / deleting waypoints from Flight Plans in Fsbuild:

The easiest and most obvious way to delete a waypoint from the flight plan is to simply go into the blue Flight Edit box and remove the reference
to the waypoint/Navaid in the flight plan box.

In this example it is demonstrated how to remove the 'VTU' Navaid from the flight plan.


1) Select/Hightlight the waypoint in the flightplan box.
2) Right mouse click and select delete to delete the highlighted item in the flightplan.
3) Press 'Build' to rebuild the flight plan.

An easier way is to just put the cursor to the right of the item you wish to remove and press the 'Backspace' key unil the item is removed from the Flight.

Inserting is also done the same way but simply placing the cursor in the flightplan box to the right of the Flight plan item to wish the new waypoint to follow, and typing in the ID of that new waypoint. Then again pressing 'Build' to rebuild the fluight plan.

Being that copy/paste is also supported an entire flight plan can easily be copied from another source and in a single line the entire flightplan can be easily pasted into Fsbuild.


If a waypoint or Navaid in the flight plan is part of a route (ie Airway
Sid/Star) and only that route identifier is references in the flight plan
removing that particular waypoint from the plan will require the
flight plan to be created/built at least once so all the waypoints for that
route are displayed. The remove the waypoint via the waypoint/table grid.

In this example it is demonstrated how to remove the 'PEGRS' waypoint(part of airway J501) from the flight plan.


1) Press 'Build' to build the flight plan once.
2) Go to the waypoint/grid table, and select (click on) the PEGRS line.
3) Press the 'delete' key to remove the enter 'PEGRS' line from the waypoint table/grid.
4) Go to the 'Build Options' menu, and select the 'Build from Route waypoint Table/Grid menu item.

5) Press the 'Build' button, which will now only build/export the flightplan with the flightplan waypoints remaining in the table/grid rather than the defaul behavior of building the route from the flight plan box.

The waypoint table/grid can also be used to insert a new waypoint into a flight plan.


1) Select the waypoint line in the table/grid you wish to the new Navaid to preceed.
2) Press the 'Insert' key to insert a new empty row in the table.
3) select the first column of the new empty row (the ID) column. and double click to open that cell's edit box.

4) Enter the ID of the new Navaid into the cell, and press enter.

If that ID matches an Navaid item in the database, all the rest of the columns for that
ID in the table will be populated automatically after enter is pressed.

If there is more than one item in the table that matches that ID. Fsbuild will automatically
select the closest item by lat/lon to the previous waypoint in the flight plan when enter is pressed.
It will also leave a down arrow symbol in the right side of the column one cell indicating
there is a menu with more items for that ID.

If you click on that down arrow symbol the menu will open, selecting another item on the
menu will populate the rest of the columns for that ID automatically.



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