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 Post subject: RunwayInfo V2 Problem
PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 12:25 am 

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I've read all the previous posts on this subject but am still unable to get this gauge to work. I have installed and reinstalled the runwayinfo V2 gauge several times both manually and with the FS Panel edit program to no avail. The V-Open toggle gauge appears in the main window but will not activate the main V2 gauge which I placed in a new window exactly like the example in the download file.

I unzipped the main downloaded file into the fs9/folder where it appeared to place the two data files satisfactorily. I not sure about the gauge file, however, since there are so many of them.

I installed and used the older V1 version often with no problems. This is a great guage and and I would like to get it working if someone can suggest what might be wrong.


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 1:06 am 

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Hi. Make sure you use the ident 20759 as shown below.

window_size= 0.190, 0.290
window_pos= 0.730, 0.700

gauge00=rwyinfo!v2, 2,2,207,122

 Post subject: RunwayInfo V2 Problem
PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 7:36 pm 

Joined: Tue Feb 06, 2007 12:00 am
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After rereading the installation readme file again, and correction previous mistakes, I was able to make the gauge work perfectly. This is one of my most useful gauges.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2007 6:03 pm 

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I placed the gauge in as directed, and have put it in 2 panels! I followed the directions to a T however there is no sign of anything on my panel that I can find.

It is hard for me to know where to place in the panel as I have no idea what theposition is, though the one posted on here is different than the instructions of 0.000, 0.000 as was window size!

The Rwyinfo V2 shows up in the drop down box for the panel and is checked, but no gauge.

I am not a panel maker!

The cfg file appears EXACTLY the same and given on fsbuild.com!

Any ideas as I do not have a clue why it doesnt appear? There is no switch or buttn similar to that on the DH6 anywhere on the main panel even though I used window[window00], as in the instructions!

Frustrating, especially since I really don't know what I am doing!

Thanks for any help!

I found part of the issue!

Seems O downloaded a DH6 with Rwy 1 installed. Then, not knowing, I placed the rwy2 into guages folder.

Now my rwy1 will open and allow me to type in airport, but no information. Also my keyboard is strange. I have to push the shift key to change windows. I did get 1 panel to open rwy2, however I had to make it as show, or put a 1 in and then I could toggle it in my droppdown only. It doesnt work either! I guess I screwed up both now as I must have replaced the rwy1 gauge, though it didn't tell me I ws doing so!


I'll think of something!

 Post subject: Gauge location
PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 10:47 pm 

Joined: Tue Feb 13, 2007 1:00 am
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Apologies for not being very clear with that. This is how the default 737 panel configuration looks in my set up.

[Window Titles]
Window00=Main Panel
Window01=Radio Stack
Window03=Throttle Quadrant
Window04=Overhead Panel
Window06=Mini Panel
Window07=RwyInfo V2//add this line here

Then add this underneath wiindow06

ident=20759//this number is important Must be 20759
window_size= 0.230, 0.300
window_pos= 0.710, 0.560

gauge00=rwyinfo!v2, 2,2,206,122

And finally


gauge00=737-400!Airspeed, 0,64,83,83
gauge01=737-400!Flaps, 586,64,49,49
gauge02=737-400!Altimeter, 237,45,83,83
gauge03=737-400!Vertical Speed, 238,128,65,65
gauge04=737-400!Fuel Quantity, 236,204,98,48
gauge05=737-400!Main Set, 335,85,124,228
gauge06=737-400!OMI Lights, 1,153,17,50
gauge07=737-400!Oil, 461,85,117,172
gauge08=737-400!Clock, 17,147,66,65
gauge09=737-400!RMI, 1,211,83,100
gauge10=737-400!HSI, 86, 162, 150, 150
gauge11=737-400!ADI, 85,39,150,130
gauge12=737-400!Gear Lever, 586,217,48,62
gauge13=737-400!Nose Gear Light, 594,180,31,17
gauge14=737-400!Left Gear Light, 579, 198 ,31,17
gauge15=737-400!Right Gear Light, 609,198,31,17
gauge16=737-400!Reverser Unlocked Left, 354,68,31,16
gauge17=737-400!Reverser Unlocked Right, 416,68,31,16
gauge18=737-400!AT Lim, 385,68,31,16
gauge19=737-400!Low Oil Left, 458,68,31,16
gauge20=737-400!Low Oil Right, 519,68,31,16
gauge21=737-400!Start Valve Left, 489,68,31,16
gauge22=737-400!Start Valve Right, 549,68,31,16
gauge23=737-400!Flaps Ext, 609,115,31,16
gauge24=737-400!Flaps Transit, 579,115,31,16
gauge25=737-400!Autopilot, 336,11,303,46
gauge26=737-400!Pitch Trim, 305,144,23,52
gauge27=737-400!Aileron Trim Indicator, 242,261,42,13
gauge28=737-400!Aileron Trim Switch, 248,276,30,22
gauge29=737-400!Rudder Trim Indicator, 285,261,42,13
gauge30=737-400!Rudder Trim Knob, 290,276,33,33
gauge31=737-400!Nav GPS Switch, 306,17,16,16
gauge32=737-400!Avionics Master Switch, 239,300,18,11
gauge33=737-400!Autobrake, 581,134,56,41
gauge34=SimIcons!Kneeboard Icon, 181, 10
gauge35=SimIcons!ATC Icon, 194, 10
gauge36=SimIcons!Compass Icon, 264, 10
gauge37=SimIcons!ECU Icon, 250, 10
gauge38=SimIcons!Map Icon, 208, 10
gauge38=SimIcons!Map Icon, 230, 10
gauge39=SimIcons!Avionics Icon, 227, 10
gauge40=SimIcons!GPS Icon, 236, 10
gauge41=rwyinfo!V2_OPEN, 182,26,34,8//add this line here


I have gauge41 because it follows on from 40 which was the last entry on that window. Should your last entry read gauge22 then rwyinfo would be guage23.
The text files Pnavdata and Prwydata should be in the Flight Simulator root file.
You should then see the icon that opens the main gauge next to the icons on the top left side of the panel. Click that and the guage should appear.
That should be it !

rwyinfo.JPG [ 33.34 KiB | Viewed 8456 times ]
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